I know you would think that I would be up, but my bed sheets shade the heat of choices I’ve made. I try to be productive and have useful mornings. It now being 12:48pm, I think I am past a useful morning.

I find that when I give myself a chance at a routine, I learn to follow and like it. Although I am then caught in the trap of a routine. I’ve always been that ‘spur of the moment’ type of person. I guess depending on what the routine is, “routine” doesn’t always need this negative connotation that I am putting on it.

9am wake: meditate on dreams and the coming day

9:30am: some yoga to energize me

10am: breakfast and newspaper

10:30am: read book

11:30am: go for run

12:30pm: day begin

Sounds good, right? Am I right to feel, since this is a type of routine, a little scarred of getting trapped? Are routines always traps? I will just proceed with this plan until the box closes me in too tight; then as I usually do, I will run.

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