Space Available

If I were a room for rent right now I’d be a steal. No, no I’m more the house thats going for way under market value that has that unique presence that makes you say, “wow I really love this room but can’t put my finger on why.” It might be my tall ceilings or maybe the character I would have seeing as I was built in the 1960’s but have been slightly renovated so I won’t collapse when an earthquake hits. Maybe it’s just the area that I am located; location, location, location!
Do I need to be the newest, freshest, most advanced, form of the product? Isn’t there some value in character. I seem to be taking all the right paths for the wrong steps. Yet I still see the goal and an easy enough route to switch paths. Do I just need a little remodeling, some spring cleaning? I am trying to reboot the whole system but these damn spy-wares are sucking up all my memory before I can get the CPU started. It’s time for battle.
The plan is there: space available. Requirement to sell: clean and reboot. Action for requirement: do battle and keep the enemy at bay.

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