Tidal Turn

So today was a day unlike any unordinary day. Things seemed slow and repetitious as I started to discover the what would become the past. Things eventually worked into a monotonous pattern and did not vary from that course most of the day.
I am wondering about the present experience and how well I focus on bringing a specific reality to pass. Do I maximize my chance for success in my daily doings. Have I put myself in the proper position to cultivate a reality I am looking to create. If I am not progressing toward positive transformation I try to manage the situation into a beneficial reality towards reaching my goal.
Sometimes I move multiple steps at once causing the first to not make sense until  the next has occurred. I find my prevailing intuition leads me assuredly. I still am walking on unstable floors. I can’t predict or project any sort of outcome or real definition of my objective, so I aim and shoot with determination and faith.

“I think I thought I saw an azwethinkweiz lookin’ like we think we do like we think we do Some think I’m insane ’cause I think about the other thing than that one thought you call reality what if what you thought about who you think you thought you were was nothing more than illusion rapidly crumbling”

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