Walking in LA

Look ahead as we pass, try and focus on it. I won’t be fooled by a cheap cinematic trick. I allow myself to be pushed as I try to resemble some gelatinous substance: absorb and distribute. I might lean this way or that but I never stray from my path. If willpower and mind power and creative juices were all I needed I would be ok, I assume. Where are you? I need to take a chance to walk.I’ve walked through your town. Walked all around my own. Seen a little this and a little that. Had my fill and starved for it. So where does that leave me amongst the other racers? You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the first. I am just Joe from down the street, or Mark across the way, possibly Andrew that just is lost. Really, I am lost across the way and down the street; but I am walking. And we all know nobody walks in LA.

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