Until the Mortgage Gets Paid

So hamsters run the wheel and I have the need to feel. I am blessed and cursed with a life of American privilege. I must continue to agree with the masses to stay below the mans passes. I can’t always show enough to spread my life through there and here. I feel as if some of these thoughts are queer to the average. Yet without slightly irregulars what anticipation is there for the next set. I show my face as a product of TV and Internet fads and captions. When you force yourself to resolve to speak only truth you seem to lose your tongue. So sign it out to me baby because if it is true it must be known. I’ve tried and tried to get off this wheel but just cant seem to slow down enough to jump out. To make the best of the situation I smile a drudge through the norms. I cant always put on my facade but I do have a way to avoid you when I don’t. I run the race, I tire from the run, I rest to restore and go again. How long will this cycle continue? How can I wear this facade of simple mindedness and be myself? I am only leasing this life so I guess all these things will continue until the mortgage is paid off!

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