Wanna Go For a swim?

Marina Bay Sands Resort in Singapore

A new resort in Singapore is blowing the roof off of what you thought lounging by the pool could be.  The Sands Sky Park is a platform above the Marina Bay Sands Hotel that is 12,400 sq ft. It can hold up to 3,900 people and consists of an observation deck, landscaped garden, three food and bar outlets, one being a night club, and one swimming pool. At 55 stories in the air, the  infinity pool that sits atop the newly opened $6.044bil resort sets the record for highest pool at 650ft up and most expensive resort ever built.  The resort has three separate towers and the Sands Sky Park spans across all three.  Diana Ross and Kelly Rowland were invited to headline concerts to christen the Grand Opening of the resort on June 25.  If you want to come see this awe inspiring feat of engineering you just need a plane ride to Singapore and $528 a night for a room.  For a view from a lounge chair in front of an infinity pool overlooking Downtown Singapore from 650ft in the air $528 seams a measly price.

Video from inside the pool : Marina Bay Sands Skypark Swimming Pool.

More info : Marina Bay Sands Resort

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