If I Was President

So lets pretend your are President of America right now.  Let’s pretend you could just wake up and control our Nation (even though the Presidency was not supposed to have this power, but does).  What would you do first?

If I was President I would first spend about a month reading and questioning a lot of things that are ‘mysteries’ still.  I would learn about the Kennedy Assassination, Area 51, the Nations connection to Free Masonry, read any and all Thomas Jefferson material saved, listen to the theory of the NWO, find out about all our spending and the purpose of all this money being created.  I would immediately take away the income tax and replace it with a flat tax somewhere around 10% federal and 10% state.  I would cut all programs that are funded by this extreme taxing.  People would be required to do community service depending on how much money you make or pay an extra tax to avoid it.  I would immediately pull 90% of our troops out of any over seas base and cut military spending to a point where we can defend our Nation and that’s it.  Every person that enters the military or Government is required to serve in the Peace Corps.(yeah I jacked that from MURS, so what it’s good)  I would force schools to rearrange their spending to allow cheaper classes, more teacher pay and less Sports funding. These are just a few samples of things that would be important to me to start doing.  What’s important to you?

I am not a lawyer or politician so I cant say I have the answers or any guaranteed solutions but I can see some things that are obvioulsy wrong that need changing.  I may see the Country in a differnt light than you, but don’t take our political differences as negative.  We all have a desire to chase life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I belive that there is a way we can all achieve this.  Sittying idly by and not talking about this or asking questions will only procure more division and rivalry instead of unity and determination.  So I ask, what would you change with our Nation?  What would you leave the way it is?  What can you do about these things today, here and now?  Probably more than you think; ask questions, have political debates, don’t belive your idiot box, think about things throughly and use you best judgment and morality to dictate your life.

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