What Do You Want?

What do you need right now?   If there was one thing that you could have right now what would it be?  Something of monetary value, a car, a house, a boat?  Maybe something of personal value, a family member back from death, a significant other, a wounded friendship healed?  Or is it something of collective value, a solution for the oil spill, maybe your favorite team wins the championship, or peace in the Middle East, yo!  What ever you might need, think about it, visualize yourself having it.  What would be different about you if you had this thing?  How would your daily life change?  Would it affect your relationships with people for the better or worse?  After this one thing would you still be in “need” of something else?

Most people alive have something in their life that they aren’t quite satisfied with, or one thing that they must have so they can break through to their “next stage”.  My question is what is stopping you from preogressing forward?  I can’t understand why everyone has these things they want or need and they just sit back and want them.  Go grab it right now, what is stopping you?  What ever is stopping you drop that.  If you can’t drop what is stopping you then maybe you don’t really need that thing you are wanting.  If you can drop it then drop it.  Dont be afraid to take chance, to risk things to make positive change in you life.

Imagine a place inside you mind, your happy place.  You have everything in you life that makes your world perfect for you.  You are sitting in a room with everything you need in your life.  What do you do first?

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