Until September

Sit back and relax. I’m here to take care of you for now.
I can sense the stress but I’m here to alleviate your worries.
We will dance into September remembering the summer as we go.
Time is fleeting and my life is bleeding out for this, dont deny me.
I try to focus on the present but my mind wanders to future and past.
I am only a caterpillar staring up at all the butterflies, be my cocoon.
I will be your healer, lets build a whole new life. Let’s strive for love.
If we only make it half way I’m 50 percent closer than now.
Remember the times we shared, sit in this moment, we are one.
Lets make this night last forever. I have no need for reality here.
So baby I am pleading you,“Come run away with me”, come baby please.

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