Concise Confidence

Taking chances on a midsummers eve.
I can only see what my mind lets me dream.
I am an unending plain of true desire and passion.
This is something that I reign, but try to show to you.
I am only so much a man as life allows me to be.
Still I can laugh at the days of old and revel in the times of new.
I trust my intuition enough to bring me here right now.
I hope my intuition has led me true; because I am here now.

I cant rely on petty ignorances and sheltered spaces anymore.
I am becoming anew, I am becoming, I am anew, I am.
Trivial suitors for back-room parties scoff at my rationale.
I dont mind much, I am very well off by myself at this point.
So tell me now what it takes to be known; and to know.
I am tired and the summer is drawing itself to the last chapters.
I need, I want, I consume, I breathe, I eat, I live, and so too will I die.
Just as seasons change their face so must I disguise mine.
I just need you to see me one time without this viel of perception.
I will see you in winter, as the slow hand quickens we shall meet again.


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    • November 23rd, 2010

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