Don’t Forget Me

Listen closely the stars are singing.
Take a moment to be still; the earth waits.
If your trying to move, try first to stop.
Life moves only for those who have desire.

It seems as if dreams are more than they seem.
I cant rely on this apparition that I call my sight;
To prove to me the reality of this situation I’m in.
Instead I look inward and upward to focus.
It’s not that I dont trust, it’s that I have been burned.

And now from the safety of meditation I find truth.
It is there for you just as it was there for me.
All you need is the chance and courage to grab it.
Oh, and when you do, you may not be ready.
Friend, do not let this hinder your opportunity.
When you get the ball you’d better run.
Run until your legs burn and you lungs scream!

It may be more than you are ready for but
Nothing is unattainable or unseizable.
So when your time comes be ready to shine.
Be ready to accept the responsibility if it.
Take it all in stride and at the end please
Dont forget me.

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