Gone Gonzo

Remembering a Legend

Today I remember one of the most influential writers and persons of the past generation, Hunter S. Thompson.  He was a man with many friends, many enemies, possibly none of whom really understood him, and had people buzzing about what this crazed intellectual animal might do next. Through all of his madness he found a way to leak out creative genius onto paper and saturate a countries obsession with the weird and wild views of his mind.  Known best for his work Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and his self dubbed, “Gonzo Journalism”, Hunter created many other classics that live on past his own life.  He wrote for many different publications covering topics from the Hell’s Angels to political campaigns and sporting events. Hunter was no one trick pony though. He was an activist who commonly took stands against the social norms of the day.  He ran for Sheriff of Aspen Colorado with a campaign based on taking on “the man” and promoting social activism; and nearly won.  “We frightened the bastards so badly that on election day they rolled people in wheelchairs, even on stretchers into the polling places to vote against us.  And when I lost they instantly got down to making sure that nobody like me could ever run for office again”, Hunter said about his campaign. Hunter’s life has always had a certain mystique surrounding it and I’m sure he liked it that way. He liked dark-side of life and tried to show it for what it truly was; even if that meant going there himself, which he regularly did. He felt that the American dream was dying and he wanted to expose that. He used his unpredictable and outlandish lifestyle to chase down the bastards who were killing America and present them through the filter of an animal just as dirty as they were themselves. And people listened!  He was a lover and a father. He was an avid intoxicant user. He was an individual with none similar. Most of us can’t comprehend how this man could stay so charged and diligent while being on the brink of what, to everyone but Hunter, seemed near insanity. He took life by the balls and said “bring me my gun or I’m gonna throw my boot through this window.”

So on this 6 year anniversary of Hunters death I remember a man who took pride in being “unusual and weird.”  I admire how he put the system on the seat of their pants and gave the world an opinion that was not heard often enough. I hope we can become open and strong enough to have more people like Hunter S. Thompsons, to not be afraid of taking a stand for what they feel is right.

Torrent File of the documentary by Oscar-winning Director Alex Gibney






(6 more parts to the above interview, go to the YouTube page to check the rest out.  All uploaded by user IzzySantino)

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