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The Word! 003

Round 3, FIGHT!  Back again with some more stories that I feel should infiltrate you mind.  If you’ve had enough, tough, because we are just getting warmed up.  So today we have some brain food, with a side of Nick’s GUTS, a Droid, some old Viking, a little music, a little reading, some crazy Chinese idea and Pirates Hidden Booty!  Oh, and Monkeys an Flying Squirrels! Yes, I know, your welcome. Enjoy.

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Kneeded Respect

I recently injured my knee on a hike in Mt. Baldy and have been out of work, out of life it almost seems like.  I am very limited in the things I can do now.  One thing I have gained is I now have a newfound appreciation for knees and noticed a couple of things that I most certainly took for granted about life with two capable knees.  I bet the last time you thought about using your knee wasn’t very recently, at least for me it wasn’t.

Of the things I am now incapable of doing or are difficult to do, some are obvious some are more important some are weird and funny.  Some obvious things are walking normally, full motion of my leg, running, jumping etc.  Some less obvious things are climbing stairs, getting in an out of cars, maneuvering through crowds of people.  Some things I don’t think I could have ever imagined were not being able to sleep on my left side, throwing a ball for my dog, or having more trouble than expected to sit down on the toilet!

So everyone, today I would ask of you to be grateful for your knees and elbows.  Be thankful for your health and mobility.  Be aware of your thirst for life and respect your body by taking care of yourself.

The Great American Distraction

Sport, the Great American distraction.  It seems as if watching sporting events now take precedence over Hollywood, the music industry, video games, computers and obviously over actually playing the sports games themselves.  As I sit here now I have an empty feeling in my stomach having just watched the USA take a dramatic exit from the 2010 World Cup.  Is it that Americans just love watching sports or is there an actual emotional attachment to a team?  How can a game with a team of players who we have never met affect us all so much?

June 2010 was quite the month for an L.A. sports fan like myself.  We had the L.A. Lakers in the NBA Finals (eventually winning! woop,woop!), Dodgers vs Angels baseball (6 of 12 games over a 3 week period), the USA in the World Cup, the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Nascar mid-season, Wimbledon, the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach and return of Tiger Woods.  I find that my emotions through this month have been on a roller-coaster.  With every Laker win or loss my days have been either fantastic or depressing but always very tense.  Baseball provided much rivalry between the two L.A. teams and the World Cup is an amazingly promoted event that was celebrated on a National scale.  The rest are just there to eat up all my time in between the major sports I watch. I have been through a lot this month it seems, none of which includes anything to do with my own life. Continue reading