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We lie to ourselves
Like our eyes cant see
What our hands are doing
Like our ears cant hear
What our mouths are saying
Perceptions are deviations
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I would give my life
for anyone of you
I need no course of heroism
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Don’t Forget Me

Listen closely the stars are singing.
Take a moment to be still; the earth waits.
If your trying to move, try first to stop.
Life moves only for those who have desire.

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Concise Confidence

Taking chances on a midsummers eve.
I can only see what my mind lets me dream.
I am an unending plain of true desire and passion.
This is something that I reign, but try to show to you.
I am only so much a man as life allows me to be.
Still I can laugh at the days of old and revel in the times of new.
I trust my intuition enough to bring me here right now.
I hope my intuition has led me true; because I am here now.

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I sit,
or rather
I lay here
in silent
“How could it be
like this?”
“It is the way;
the way of the world”,
he says to me.I just dont feel;
I just dont feel
In truth I just feel
I continue though.
It is all I can do.
I just want
to make it
out alive.


Sky and Wind

I saw your face in a new light today.
I looked into a mirror I did not know of.
A glimpse of former verity is enough.
Deep down who are you? Brief is your view.
Is chasing rabbits a task for the foolhardy?
Is looking at the sky in wonderment childish?
I grow beyond my roots to touch my wonder.
Life is for merriment, intelligence, and love;
To reach for the sky and wind up lost in the clouds.

Dirty Little Carousel

Why is the stigma of overly sexualized experiences so unfantastically true?  What is the deal with night and day social interactions being incredulously opposite?  Why is it that age to some is defining while others revel in the unripened state of youth and seem to receive inordinate amount of encouragement and praise?  If knowledge is the only thing that truly separates me from an animal why does it seem that the slow closed mind develops a social aptitude that is false and weak but seems to hold power over its surroundings?  Is there still so much wild in you and I?  Are we not that far away from our pre-human selves?  I can’t walk around this place without being objected to some obligatory form of vulgarity on my senses or an intrusive disruption of my passive mind. Stop trying to sell me, stop trying to persuade me!  Stop invading my life with your ineffectual and hollow form of association.  It seems today that the world sells itself short for a bright light, some sort of distraction.  Focusing on nothing is centering and nurturing but without meditation and understanding focusing on nothing is numbing.  We all are comfortably numb, you can’t feel me right next to you.  Stop this carousel Sir, I am going to have to get off.  Stop.