I’ll be the DJ : 45°

The weather has turned and the leaves have fallen off the trees.  Winter is here.  Snow is on the mountains and it is 45° tonight in my city.  This is a compilation of mellow music that feels like 45° or warms me when I feel like I’m 45°.  With Elton and Ellie, Mayer and Frusciante, Radioheads and Red Hots, and a few extra gems I have discovered in my travels.  Anyways hope you guys like the list as much as I do!

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We lie to ourselves
Like our eyes cant see
What our hands are doing
Like our ears cant hear
What our mouths are saying
Perceptions are deviations
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I would give my life
for anyone of you
I need no course of heroism
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What’s for Dinner?

Honey Habanero Chicken Rice Bowls

The Word! 007

This week’s edition is packed with goodies for you to enjoy. From ancient concerts that may have been a form of mind control to super secret recipe that has been carefully protected for years.  If you like free things it’s here as well:  3 CD’s,  that you will like, for download, totally free.  A crazy beat-boxer 1 hour long concert, FREE. Also free apps for you smartphone.  Next time your stranded and starving in the jungle or possibly the woods or maybe a swampy area and on the brink of death there is info here that could save your life. Lots of other things too. So stop reading this and start reading the post already!

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: Fear . and . Gonzo :

So yesterday was 6 years since one of my favorite authors brutally took his own life, as he had always said he would, Hunter S. Thompson. So in memory of the crazy madman I’ve made a playlist that I feel represents his life. Check it out here on YouTube. Again Sony, UMG, and EMI hate freedom so click the link to YouTube to listen to all songs

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Gone Gonzo

Remembering a Legend

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